Forward-thinking energy efficient design is nothing new. Before the term “Green Building” became a widely known phrase, the SIEGAL/TUOMAALA architectural team was already on the leading edge of energy efficient building design.

In the early 80’s one of our senior housing communities, located in Livonia, Michigan, received a U.S. DEPARTMENT OF ENERGY award for incorporating a cutting-edge pre-insulated wall system.

Our firm continues to be focused on our sustainable, environmental future…not because it’s mandated, but because it has continued to be the right thing to do.

We have embraced a pragmatic and realistic view of sustainability, balancing our clients’ needs with the environmental aspects of their sites, striving to reduce the overall impact, or “footprint” of the structure and site, all while promoting a healthier living or work place. As proponents of sustainable design, we have U.S. GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL, LEED-AP accredited staff members and consultants.