We approach each and every project with an open mind, whether or not it represents a highly familiar or entirely new building type.

It is your project and your investment. We will take the time to understand your needs, your budget, your site and the community in which you are building. You are entitled to no less.


We strive to reduce the overall environmental impact or “footprint” of your project. While balancing client needs and budget, we embrace a pragmatic approach to sustainable design, constantly seeking to improve living and work environments.

As proponents of sustainable design, our staff and consultants include LEED accredited professionals.

We recognize that a full LEED certification may not be an achievable goal for every project. As an alternative, we have established the GREEN BUILDING AND SUSTAINABLITY GROUP, a team of construction professionals that can help clients analyze, evaluate and incorporate sustainable design into their new or existing facilities.

Click here for information regarding the "Sustainable Analysis for Existing Buildings" documents.